Digimon World: Next Order Launching in February for PC, Switch

The original Digimon World title launched as far back as the PS1, where subsequent titles would make it all the way through to the DS. The latest, Next Order, is the most recent that original launched in March of 2016. Now players are getting two new platforms they’ll be able to play on, in addition to some much needed fixes to help the flow of the game. The two major inclusions are that of a beginner difficulty, as the game is notoriously hard and known for it’s lengthy requirements of grinding. The second and arguably more important inclusion is that of a run function, which might seem like a very small addition but given that much of the game is based around timing this will help players progress through a city without taking two days on foot.

Digimon World: Next Order launches for PC and Switch on February 22. Check out the official tweet with the news below: