Digital Continue’s Genre-Combining Supermash Heading to Consoles

Described as a “game that makes games”, developer Digital Continue’s Supermash is getting ported to all consoles following its release on the Epic Games Store only yesterday. In short, while it may not have the size or even budget of other “create-your-own…” styled titles like Super Mario Maker or Dreams, Supermash allows you to combine any two video game genres from a list of six, whereby the game then generates a random result.

In the same tradition, player-made creations can even be shared online via a unique input code with unlockable Dev Cards you acquire along the way, further expanding one’s tools. Though the game is currently locked at six genre types, the studio state that more genre types are planned in a future update. Supermash is planned to launch across PS4, Xbox One & Switch in May 2020.