Disgaea 1 Complete Launches for PS4, Nintendo Switch Today

Disgaea fans can finally return to where it all began starting today with the launch of Disgaea 1 Complete. Once again, Prince Laharl has awoken from a long sleep  to find an upended Netherworld and several factions competing for his throne. Of course, it’s not as simple as just announcing his return. No, Larharl is going to have fight to reclaim his birthright, and he’ll have to start by recruiting more underlings.

Disgaea 1 Complete features the classic campaign of the original game enhanced by improved visuals, new characters, and extra modes. Returning fans can sit back and enjoy playing the game as Laharl again, or they can try “Etna Mode,” an alternate route where Etna accidentally kills Laharl and must take up his cause as her own. Either way, Disgaea 1 Complete looks like a great opportunity for fans both new and old.