Disintegration Developer V1 Interactive Closing Down

V1 Interactive is shutting its doors, the studio has announced. The developer — which was founded by Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of the Halo series — had released only one game, Disintegration, last June since its inception in 2016. Despite the intriguing proposal of combining first-person shooting with RTS, squad-based gameplay, Disintegration failed to impress at launch with a predominantly mixed-to-negative consensus. A feeling we sadly shared in our own review; the game’s story, presentation and what’s more its online multiplayer offering, failing to deliver.

The game didn’t see much improvement shortly after release, with its multiplayer servers shutting down mere months after the game’s original release. A small consolation being that Lehto himself states that the situation regarding the fate of the developer, had been explained months prior to the studio’s employees — V1 Interactive now aiding in helping employees find new work.