Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Features Outlined in New Trailer

The recent announcement that Aladdin and The Lion King would be returning to consoles was met with a positive reaction – a new trailer showcases exactly why. The 16-bit wars led to things like different versions of games being created – the Genesis and SNES versions were completely different experiences, with the former being given Disney-level animation and the latter being crafted by Capcom – resulting in two different, but great experiences. So far, it looks like the collection will feature the Genesis version alongside Game Boy and Super Game Boy versions – the Capcom SNES game isn’t shown off, so it looks like that won’t be included.

On the Lion King side of things, the game was pretty much the same across the board. The SNES and Genesis had different color palettes and the 8-bit versions were downgraded versions of the SNES base game. The Lion King was known for being unbelievably hard at an early point – largely believed to be to nix rental users beating, so the new Watch mode is great. You can not only see the game being played, but just resume playing it after a troublesome point. Some graphical filters will also be included to help the games look a bit better to some, and a trade show demo will be included for Aladdin – enabling an all-new way to play these classics. Digital Eclipse is creating this and it will get a release on the PC via Steam alongside a physical release on the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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