Disney Classics Aladdin, Lion King Returning With The Jungle Book This Fall

Disney’s 16-bit games were some of the finest examples of licensed games of their generation – and the 2019 Disney Classic Games Aladdin and Lion King showcased why, but not fully. It featured the SNES and Genesis versions of The Lion King, but only the Genesis version of Aladdin and not the Capcom-developed SNES entry. It was also missing another big 16-bit gem in The Jungle Book on both the Genesis and SNES. The new Disney Classic Games Collection includes both 16-bit versions of Aladdin alongside The Jungle Book.

This incarnation enables video playthroughs of all games that can be picked up by the player at any time, rewind features, a museum, and OSTs. It’s pretty all-encompassing except for the lack of the Sega Master System/Game Gear Aladdin game – which was a completely different experience that blended more cinematics than the other games in with its own unique style. Maybe a deal can be struck for that to be released as it’s a tremendous game and one of the few Game Gear games I ever felt compelled to complete. For owners of either digital or physical versions of the original release, the new content here will be available as a $9.99 DLC download across all platforms. This new incarnation will be available in physical forms on the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 – with a full manual.