Disney, EA Abandon Star Wars 1313 Trademark

Star Wars 1313 made its debut at E3 2012 and was absolutely stunning.  The Uncharted inspired Star Wars game caught a lot of peoples attention for all the right reasons.  Later, it was leaked that Boba Fett was going to the main character, something that got even more excited.  However, bad things happened.  LucasArts shut down with the Disney merger and Star Wars 1313 was permanently shelved.  When EA and Disney struck up a partnership many hoped that Visceral Games’ Star Wars project might be Star Wars 1313, but it looks like that ship has sailed.

A quick look at the United States Trademark and Patent Office shows that the Star Wars 1313 trademark was officially abandoned on December 23, 2o13.  Either EA or Disney could renew it, but the fact that it has been abandoned doesn’t leave much hope for a renewal.

EA currently has three developers working on Star Wars games; Dice on Star Wars: Battlefront, BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic and Visceral Games on an unannounced Star Wars project.  Its sad to see Star Wars 1313 get the axe when it was possibly very close to completion.  Hopefully EA will do us proud with their upcoming batch of Star Wars games.

Thanks, Escapist!