Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition Hits Mac, Linux, SteamOS

When Divinity: Original Sin originally hit PC back in 2014, it took the world by storm with its focus on old school RPG mechanics. It wasn’t a game that held the player’s hand and told them where to go; it was something that you had to find out yourself and was a true adventure. 2015 only strengthened the title with the Enhanced Edition which introduced┬ávarious new content and console support, but those without a PC, PS4 or Xbox One were left disappointed.

Fortunately, Larian Studios has announced today that, along with their 33% off sale on Steam, Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition will be available to anyone with a Mac, Linux and SteamOS machine. If you somehow missed the game for the past year, there’s no better time than during the holiday break to pick Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition up.