DLC, Co-Op, More Unveiled for A Hat in Time

Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time was one heck of a charming little platformer when it originally released in October of last year for PC — soon coming to both PS4 and Xbox One the following December. And today, during a brief livestream of around five minutes, the developer dished out a few new pieces of information as to what fans can look forward to and what additional and frantic [mis]adventures Hat Girl will be getting herself into with the game’s first DLC: Seal the Deal.

First off, a new level/chapter by the name of The Arctic Cruise — as its name suggests — finds Hat Girl boarding a cruise-ship run and managed by a staff of seals and their walrus-looking captain. Alongside comes the new mode Death Wish which serves as a mix of your expected Hard Mode/New Game Plus deal complete with even more manic variations on the base game’s series of boss fights and harder levels to tackle. Additional cosmetics and items will also be included as well as camera filters for when you want to take a screenshot mid-game. These new unlocks serve as the reward for those who beat both Death Wish as well as the new Time Rifts scattered about to find.

The game will now also support split-screen co-op in what will be a separate DLC release outside of the Seal the Deal package. Best of all, the Seal the Deal DLC will be completely free to those who download it on the day of release on PC, September 13 to be exact. The co-op DLC is also free on PC and launches the same day — original backers to the game’s Kickstarter will get both DLC packs free regardless of when they choose to download it. And let’s not forget that a Nintendo Switch version was also announced, to top things off. You can catch up on all the game’s updates and announcements in the video below. A Hat in Time is out now for PS4, Xbox One & PC.