Don’t Buy A PlayStation 4 In Brazil

The PlayStation 4 will be launching in a matter of weeks, and at an agreeable price at that. Hell, it’s even a whole $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Soon, and for significantly less than the PS3 at launch, we’ll be enjoying the next generation of PlayStation gaming in our homes and offices — until we get fired for doing so, that is.

Unfortunately, the average Brazilian gamer won’t be enjoying the new console generation as much, mostly due to the astronomical PlayStation 4 price point of about $1,845. Mark Stanley, Sony general manager for Latin America made an official statement regarding the information with reasons behind the terrifyingly high cost on the official Brazilian PlayStation blog. And while his post included specifics regarding percentages and taxes, such as a ridiculous transfer cost of 21.5 percent for importing the system (around $400), many commenters were left wondering why Microsoft was able to reduce costs and offer the Xbox One for only a bit over $1000.

Sony claims that shifting production of the console to Brazil will reduce the price immensely, but whether this will happen or not remains unknown. Brazil is known for devilishly high taxes when it comes to electronics, but $1,845 is a huge investment; one that could purchase anything from a rust-bucket-vehicle, to an indigenous-tribe-child.

Conclusion? Fly to the USA from Brazil, purchase a PS4 at any retailer, and fly back the next day. Even with the cost of a hotel, you’ll save around $400. Yeah, I know.