Don’t Nod Reveals New Look in Honor of Fourteenth Anniversary

As part of the celebration for the company’s fourteenth anniversary, Don’t Nod Entertainment has unveiled its new branding. The centerpiece of this is the publisher’s all new logo, which it’s showcased in a very brief video shown below. The company’s website has also been overhauled and now features a much more sleek and modern aesthetic.

Longtime fans might immediately notice something else too:  the name. Don’t Nod has decided to reintroduce the apostrophe space between the words. In the announcement, the company explained that the change is meant to “truly embrace the meaning of ‘Don’t Nod’.” In particular, it’s meant to represent the company’s unconventional character. This is also apparently why the logo features the “N” hiding within a broken “D”; it cannot be contained.

Hopefully, all this talk of breaking conventions means that fans can expect more titles like Vampyr and Life is Strange in the future.