Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Coming to Vita

September 2nd appears to be a phenomenal day to be a PlayStation system owner. Not only do Velocity 2X and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair hit the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, but Don’t Starve is making its way to the PlayStation Vita as well. In Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, players get access to the original hit survival game and the Reign of Giants expansion, making for a massive experience on the go. When one dives further into the details of this release, things start get extremely interesting.

Don’t Starve was a PlayStation Plus offering on PlayStation 4 in January, so a fair amount of early adopters already own free copies of the resource-gathering title. Because Don’t Starve: Giant Edition supports Cross-Buy, players will be able to get the Vita version for free if they have a copy of the original game. This loophole will allow those with both a PlayStation 4 and a Vita to play the Reign of Giants expansion, which is priced at $4.99 regularly, for free.

Unfortunately, Don’t Starve: Giant Edition will not support Cross-Save functionality. This is due to a reworking of the back-end code for the Vita, so players will need to start from scratch if they decide to embark on this handheld journey. Vita owners who don’t own the original game will be able to purchase Don’t Starve: Giant Edition on September 2nd for $14.99.