QuakeCon 2018: DOOM Eternal Trailer Reveals New Gameplay and Action

QuakeCon 2018’s big announcement of the day was for the upcoming DOOM Eternal. Gameplay footage was revealed along with plenty of new information.

The goal is to give players a badass experience to take down the biggest demons ever. A bulked up look and violent weapons give more bang for your buck. A variety of enemies both new and classic will pop up for you to blow away. They can even be destroyed in fascinating fashion. Climb up walls and grapple objects to take out some hard-to-reach demons. Shoot, slice and stomp those monsters until there’s nothing left but blood and body parts. Players can even team up with demons or invade their bodies to partake in multiplayer gameplay.

It is not just a DOOM game now, it’s a DOOM universe. Large, open areas have been mixed in with tight corner facilities. New locations have been crafted for varying experiences. It’s a cool change of pace and offers something new for longtime fans.

Nonstop action is on the way with DOOM Eternal. Check out some footage below.