Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Xbox One and PS4 Resolutions Revealed

Forget about increased social features, digital downloads, pre-loading, and television integration; this is the generation of the Ps! It seems now that every major title has some sort of resolution update before launch, as these statistics seem to be what matters most to gamers. It doesn’t matter if a game plays perfectly, sub-1080p resolutions clearly mean that a game is terrible, right?

Today on the official Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitter page, BioWare confirmed that their upcoming open-world title would feature 1080p visuals on PlayStation 4 compared to 900p for Xbox One.

Could the last sentence be a bit of a dig at Ubisoft? Earlier this week, it was reported that Assassin’s Creed Unity would feature complete graphics parity between the two console versions, as both will run at 900p.  This could also be considered to be a small shot at the Xbox One, as this appears to state that the potential of the system is lower than that of the PlayStation 4.