Dragon Marked For Death Available for Pre-Purchase on eShop

Dragon Marked For Death is Inti Creates’ latest game for the Switch, and its most ambitious yet. While every other game has gotten a single release, DMFD is being split into a two halves focusing on different kind of play styles. Advanced Attackers and Frontline Fighters are the two halves of the game as a whole. The advanced team consists of the shinobi and the witch, who use fast-paced ninja powers and magic-centric attacks respectively. On the other side of the equation, you have the empress and the warrior. The empress plays a lot like the Mega Man Zero-version of Zero with a blaster and a sword, while the warrior uses a large axe and is more akin to a brawler’s hulking beast powerhouse type. Each half of the adventure costs $14.99 and those who buy and download the game before January 31 get free Striker gear for their characters.