Dragon Marked For Death Gets Final Release Date on Switch

Nintendo’s partnership with a wide variety of indie companies has led to the Switch having the most robust third-party support in many years. Few companies hae done as much on the Switch in terms of quantity and quality than Inti Creates – and Dragon marked For Death is their latest game. It received a bit of hype upon its initial release, but little since then. The game’s release date has been in a state of flux for quite a while, but today, the final release date was announced.

The game features four playable characters – the Empress, the Warrior, the Shinobi, and the Witch. All have their own skills, with the Empress being a bit like the Mega Man Zero-esque Zero with a blaster and sword, while the Warrior uses a large axe, the Shinobi uses a short-range sword but has high agility, while the Witch relies on long-range blasts and fireballs. Dragon Marked For Death releases on Switch on December 13.