Dragon Marked for Death Gets New Release Date

Dragon Marked for Death has been a fairly well anticipated title since its reveal from Inti Creates. During Anime NYC, the team revealed more information on what to expect moving forward, including a brand new release date. The first bit of news was the release moving do January 31, which pushes it back a little bit in order to try and make the newly announced physical release drop close to the digital.

The biggest information came from the reveal of two digital packs that will be available. Both will be available for $14.99 and include two characters each, with one being aimed more at beginners and one more advanced players. Once one of these has been purchased, the other can be picked up as DLC. Those who would rather buy everything together will be able to get a complete package with the physical release, but may have to wait a little bit longer if its release date doesn’t match with the digital launch.

Dragon Marked for Death is planned to launch digitally on January 31 next year. Check out the latest animated trailer below:

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