Dragon Quest XI Preorder Bonuses Announced

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is coming to Steam and PlayStation 4 on September 4. In an attempt to snatch up your preorder dollars, GameStop/EB Games and Amazon are offering up some exclusive preorder bonuses for PlayStation 4 copies. GameStop, or EB Games for our friends in Canada, will include eight exclusive collectible two inch buttons featuring the main cast and the mysterious spirits of lost time and an in game DLC pack. This DLC pack contains the Elevating Vest, which grants the wearer extra experience points from battle and three Seeds of Skill that will grant the an extra skill point to anyone who eats it, as is tradition with Dragon Quest games.

Preorders from Amazon come with no physical goods but come with their own DLC packs. The Amazon pack will include the Arriviste’s Vest, which grants the wearer extra money at the end of each victorious battle. There will also be three Seeds of Skill. The DLC packs between the two retailers are overall comparable so it really depends on whether the player values extra gold or experience in choosing one of these retailers over the other.