Dragon Quest XI’s Battle System Explained

Dragon Quest XI was revealed two years ago and we still haven’t gotten any information regarding the release date, but we now receive some details about its battle system. In the latest issue of Japanese magazine, Weekly Jump, it is said that the PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest XI uses a “Free Movement” battle system that allows the player to move the character and the battle camera, but there is an auto battle camera function. This is similar to what you can do in Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest X. The 3DS version however will have a more traditional battle system for the 2D sprite version where characters’ positions are static. The 3D mode of the 3DS version is simply described as 3D characters battling.

The battle system across all three versions will be command menu-based. There was also a new screenshot of the character surrounded by a blue aura which looks like a new mechanic. We are still eager to learn more about Dragon Quest XI and perhaps we’ll be getting a release date within the next month or so.

Source: Gematsu