Dragon Star Varnir PC Release Pushed Back to October

Fans looking forward to picking up Dragon Star Varnir on PC are going to have to wait a little while longer than expected. Idea Factory announced today that the title’s PC release is being delayed from September to October. In its press release, the publisher cited he need for more optimization time as the primary reason for the delay. The PC version of Dragon Star Varnir will feature all content found in the PlayStation 4 version, as well as English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles.

Dragon Star Varnir centers around Zephy, a former dragon-hunter who finds his fate intertwined with the very witches whom he’d sworn to hunt down. As with most games of this sort, Zephy’s actions and choices will have a direct impact upon the direction his world takes. Whether it ascends into a new golden age or falls into destruction is up to the player.

Successfully hunting and destroying dragons is also a key part of the game, with combat following a unique three-tier structure. Players can set traps at the highest tier and knock their foes into them, push them down to ground level or even contain them in the center for all manner of different effects.

Dragon Star Varnir is available now on PlayStation 4 and will release for PC in October.