Drawn to Death Will Be Free-to-Play, but Not in the Traditional Sense

David Jaffe’s upcoming online multiplayer arena shooter Drawn to Death will be a Free-to-Play title, but not in the traditional sense. Jaffe’s studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, has a strong dislike for traditional Free-to-Play games. Still, Jaffe and his team like the idea of Free-to-Play games and the ability they have to bring in large amounts of players who might have passed on the game if it were $60.

“We don’t like pay to win and we don’t like taking play mechanics away from Players simply to have them earn them or pay for them,” wrote Jaffe on Reddit. “That said, we LOVE the discoverability of free to play and the very wide net it creates, allowing us to get many more folks giving our game a shot. We also love the idea of running a service based title, constantly staying engaged with the fans of the game and adjusting aspects of the game on the fly to allow the game to hit the game’s sweet spot.”

Drawn to Death was announced at the PlayStation Experience last December. The game combines third-person arena shooting with a unique art style. No release date yet, but expect to hear more about the game soon.