Dreadbit’s Battle Puzzler, Ironcast, Coming To Consoles

This one certainly has my attention. Dreadbit Games have been experiencing quite a bit of praise with their steampunk mecha/Puzzle Quest hybrid, Ironclad, on Steam. Not content to rest on their laurels, this sleeper hit will be making its way to XBox One and Playstation 4 this March. Just browsing through the features list is leaving me itching to play this on my beloved PS4.

Set in Victorian England, players are tasked with defending the British Empire by crushing their enemies with a giant walking steam powered tank. The battles take place via a turn based system, requiring strategic match of “resource nodes” to attack the enemies. So, it’s like the story/RPG elements of Puzzle Questthough the actual gem matching seems closer to Puzzles & Dragons. The campaign itself is rogue-like in nature. There will be permadeath. However, there will also be persistent rewards allowing the next run to go a bit easier. So, all in all, it could be described as Puzzle Quest meets Rogue Legacy meets FTL with a steampunk flavor. My only question is “why have I not heard of this before and already have it downloaded on Steam?”

Players holding out for the console version will see the title hit in early March, published by Ripstone Publishing. The Playstation 4 version will land on the 1st or 2nd, depending on the region, and XBox One will see it on March 4.

Ironcast 1