Dreamcast Game Arcade Racing Legends Smashes Past Kickstarter Goal

PixelHeart has announced that Arcade Racing Legends will officially move forward with production after smashing past its initial Kickstarter target.

The French developer and publisher set a target of €25,000 (£22,494) on the crowdfunding platform, with 144 users backing the project at the time of this writing.

Arcade Racing Legends has amassed an impressive €33,098 (£29,781), with fifteen days remaining on the campaign.

The racing title will be coming to the Sega Dreamcast to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the console’s release.

According to the indie studio and publisher, the Kickstarter-backed title pays homage to fan-favorites like Out Run, Sega Rally, Le Mans 24 Hours, Crazy Taxi and Daytona USA.

Arcade Racing Legends is slated for release in December.

“As the Sega Dreamcast turns twenty years old this fall, the legend is still alive,” says Rasitling Design’s Michael.

“The console was released from September to November 1999, and that is the perfect time frame for our Arcade Racing Legends project.

“Worldwide fans show huge respect for this discontinued platform and gamers still enjoy a great [number of] games. In 2019, the machine is still a fantastic system to play with.”