Dreamfall Chapters Goes to Kickstarter

Arguably one of the most overlooked series in the past thirteen years, Dreamfall and The Longest Journey were incredibly memorable 3D point-and-click adventure games. While the two titles received high praise from the media, many still considered it nothing more than a cult hit. Fortunately, its dedicated fanbase is looking to expand to a much greater degree as Red Thread Games have launched a Kickstarter project for their upcoming sequel.

It’s actually a little depressing where this series has gone. Funcom did well with the past games, but having it reduced down to a Kickstarter project isn’t something one would expect for the series. Regardless, they shouldn’t have any trouble getting their Kickstarter funded as, less than five hours in, it has already racked up $158,000 of its $850,00 goal (and it just keeps going up).

For more on the upcoming saga, head over to their Kickstarter page.