Drive Any Track Gets Steam Release Date, New Gameplay Video

Drive Any Track hit Greenlight on January 29, cleared the process in under two weeks, and since then has been in heavy development for its Early Access release on May 21.  The lazy description would be Audiosurf meets Trackmania, where a procedural track generator creates custom courses from the music you feed it.  White Stripes’ Fell In Love With a Girl, Susumu Hirasawa’s Dream Island Obsessional Park, Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around, or any bit of weirdness you may find lying around your hard drive will generate a completely different course to barrel down, dodging walls, picking up trinkets, and landing jumps to the beat.  The new video shows off all these obstacles, racing down a track from start to finish as the music pumps and the road pulses with light and patterns.  There’s one particular rough part at 0:40 that’s a problem, where the course editor creates a wall at the end of a rise that the player has no way of seeing until they’re right on top of it, but that’s pretty good for a four minute track on a game still in development

While Drive Any Track got its launch date today, there’s still work left to do for its Early Access run.  The Early Access page gives the to-do list, which looks like mostly applying polish to the completed feature-set, with a target final release in October.  It’s a reasonably short run to put the final touches and work customer feedback into the final game, and we should all get a chance at stunt racing to the beat in fairly short order.