#Drive Physical Switch Release Announced, Pre-Orders Go Live Later Today

Racing fans have had a few months to enjoy #Drive on Switch already, but soon both newcomers and collectors will have the chance to score themselves a physical copy from Limited Run Games. Today, developer Pixel Perfect Dude and Limited Run Games revealed the standard and SteelBook physical editions for #Drive. The companies also announced that it’ll be available for starting today.

For those that decide to grab a copy for themselves, both versions include the physical cartridge and a scented #Drive air freshener to hang in one’s actual car. This is the only difference besides the SteelBook edition’s namesake case. Interested fans can get the standard version for $29.99 or the SteelBook version for $39.99. For contrast, the digital version currently available on the Nintendo eShop is selling for $12.99.

As for what #Drive actually is, it’s an endless driving game of a make similar to the likes of the old 80’s Outrun arcade game. Players just pick a car, pick a location and drive until they run into something. The game features a low-poly art style, over seventy different cars, eight locations, an upgrade system and a photo mode.

#Drive is available digitally now on Android, iOS and Switch.