Driveclub Issues Persist, New Update On The Way

Say what you will about Driveclub, but Evolution Studios isn’t slacking in the damage control department. Since the unexpected server issues commenced, the developer has been hard at work repairing, adjusting and updating the game as necessary.

Although recent tweets from game director Paul Rustchynsky suggest that the company didn’t foresee any issues prior to launch, as the beta test and simulated loads performed smoothly, they’ve certainly been open with fans about the server troubles and have promised an update later today.

When asked about the poor server performance on twitter, Rustchynsky replied, “we did performance testing prior to launch & we had confidence in the servers then.” Apparently, it’s not a case so easily solved. “We are making progress but its proving to be a challenging issue to address,” Rustchynsky said to another frustrated fan. “We’ve got no limits to the amount of servers or the quality of hardware, its purely down to the server code having some bugs.”

With the PS+ Edition still unavailable, no precise time on proper functionality and a slew of bugs, here’s hoping today’s update is something of the fix-all variety.