Dry Drowning Gets a PC Launch Date, Xbox One Release Window Revealed

VLG Publishing today announced a release date for the upcoming Dry Drowning.

According to the Italian publisher, Studio V’s investigative thriller will debut first on PC on August 2.

Following on from its 2019 release, the title will be heading to Xbox One in 2020.

Dry Drowning’s story is presented as a visual novel and has players taking control of private detective Mordred Foley, who is tasked with stopping a serial killer in the city of Nova Polemos.

The Italian studio says that the title features over 150 branching storylines in its futuristic dystopian setting and allows players to unlock three different endings.

As Foley, players are able to detect when a character is lying to them thanks to the ‘Living Nightmare’ system, as it will highlight them when they are not telling the truth.

“The city of Nova Polemos is one where the old rules of right and wrong simply don’t apply,” says VLG director Daniele Falcone.

“From the moment Dry Drowning starts, the player is going to feel uncomfortable.

“Uncomfortable taking on the role of a man who doesn’t appear to represent your typical hero, uncomfortable investigating a murder and defending a suspect who is anything but an ally and uncomfortable existing in a world where the usual rules of life simply don’t apply.

“It’s a unique combination we think will grip any player who appreciates a good story well told.”