DS4Windows 2.0 Offers Big Update

For those of you that lack a Xbox controller for use on PC, you have problem been using your DualShock for a while. Since Windows doesn’t properly implement the Sony controllers into its operating system, there has been a workaround known as DS4Windows. This basically emulates a Xbox controller so players can use their DualShock with games. There really hasn’t been a substantial update to the software in the past, but that changed this week. An improved and snappier interface is just the icing on the cake for this update. The updates are listed below and while they’re more on the technical side, functionality and the ease of use should see drastic improvements. You can download the software here.

  • Re-wrote GUI classes to use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) instead of Windows Forms
  • More utilization of data binding in application. More use of custom events for ControlService
  • Added application file logger
  • Refactored macro editor
  • Changed Run as Task routine. Old routine will be replaced, if it exists, upon the first run of version 2.0.0
  • New translation system is in place. Currently, only English and Japanese language packs are available. Looking for volunteers to provide updated translations for other language packs
  • Re-written auto profile routine
  • Snappier program and mapper routine
  • Many other changes