Dustpunk Deck-Building Game Nowhere Prophet Now Available

If the massive success of Slay the Spire earlier this year has taught us anything, it’s that there may very well be a huge market for procedurally generated strategy games centered around deck-building. So say hello to the next notable entry into the genre, Nowhere Prophet. Set in a “dustpunk” post-apocalyptic universe influenced by Indian culture, the goal is to lead your followers to a new home. As expected, though, this is going to be far from an easy task.

As the launch trailer below shows, your group will be encountering combat scenarios that play out similarly to the likes of Magic: The Gathering. Any characters you meet and items you gain can be deployed on to the battlefield, but there’s a catch. Not only can your characters be wounded in battle, weakening them for later matches, but they can die, and be permanently removed from your deck. So you’ll have to be cautious and plan out a proper route and make the proper choices…or risk it and go for the big gains. It looks to be compelling stuff, so we suggest checking out Nowhere Prophet if you can, now available on Steam.