Dystopian Game Show Strategy Title Showgunners Gets May Release Date

When you think of video games centered around Running Man-style lethal dystopian game shows, typically you imagine an action game of some sort, be it a classic arcade game like Smash TV or a modern roguelike such as Gone Viral. You might not immediately think of turn-based strategy games, though, but Warsaw-based developers might end up changing that with their upcoming game, Showgunners (previously known as Homicidal All-Stars). And if you’re wondering exactly when they might begin to change your mind, that would be this May, as the game’s release date was recently announced.

Showgunners sees players stepping into the role of Scarlet Morillo, entering a deadly game where the reward is fame and fortune with the intent of instead getting some revenge. To achieve this goal, they’ll have to deal with some a series of deadly obstacle courses, each with their own unique traps and challenges, as well as a series of colorful rival contestants, though some of them can be recruited along the way as well. Through it all, players will also face not just the wrath of the ratings-obsessed show director, but a bigger foe if they wish: Twitch audiences. The title isn’t just a pun, you see, as Twitch integration allows streamers to have their audience play the roles of the showrunners and vote on events. You can get a taste of all of this in the game’s demo, currently on Steam, and check out the game in full when Showgunners arrives for the PC on May 2.