E3 2013: Wind Waker HD Gets a New Trailer and Feature

When Wind Waker released back on the GameCube, it included a minig-game called Tingle Tuner. This feature allowed the GC and GBA to connect, and gave players a fun little experience that they could play on their handheld that starred, not Link, but rather a little dude named Tingle. This small addition to an already beefy game was cherished by fans, and thus Nintendo felt it necessary to bring back Tingle to the high-def remastering of Wind Waker, just in a sort of new way.

Because the Wii U clearly can’t interface with the GBA (though, that would’ve been an awesome E3 announcement from Nintendo today), the Big N has opted to provide players with something comparable to that original experience. Now, players can use Tingle to write messages via the Miiverse, put them in a bottle and send them out to sea. These messages will then randomly appear on the beaches of other players’ games for them to enjoy.

It’s a small inclusion, but a neat, welcome one that showcases Nintendo’s propensity to make use of the Miiverse in great, non-intrusive ways. Here’s hoping to more features like this in the future. Below is a trailer Nintendo released just for today’s presentation. Check it out, the game truly is beautiful in HD.