E3 2014: Complete Your Persona Tarot Card Set With Persona 4 Ultimax

When Atlus announced the swagtastic bonuses for Persona Q, you may have noticed something interesting -after you were finished freaking out about how rad it all looks. It’s exciting to finally get a home set of persona tarot cards, but that set only contains 11 of the total 22, and it doesn’t start with The Fool like you’d expect. The reason for that is that Atlus was saving the other half of the tarot for Persona 4 Ultimax, the upcoming sequel to Arc System Works’ acclaimed Persona 4 Arena (Persona 4 Ultimate in Japan). In addition to the cards the recently revealed preorder edition of the game comes packaged with an inflatable Teddy bop bag, so that you can get revenge for all those unBEARable puns. Though this is all they’ve shown so far, more bonuses are coming. Persona games usually come with a soundtrack CD, but we can probably expect an art book as well. The game is available for preorder now from all major retailers, and will launch in fall of this year.