E3 2014: Criterion Showcases New All-Terrain Racing IP

Criterion’s a name that evokes great memories of the Burnout games from years gone by, along with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on more modern setups. Sadly, the company has been sitting on the sidelines with Ghost Games taking over the Need For Speed series. Fortunately, they returned with some fantastic news about their next project. Beyond it being the first thing made with their new deskless office, and the news that meetings sometimes take place in a pub. They’re working on a new all-terrain IP. The presently-unnamed project was shown off with prototype footage of an ATV race, as well as some footage and concept art involving helicopters, speedboats, snowmobiles, and Motorstorm-esque buggies. Given how fast-paced Criterion’s stuff was with the Burnout games, there mere idea of having something like that cover a ton of different vehicles has everyone at HG salivating. It’s clearly very early though, so don’t expect to play this until late 2015.