E3 2014: Oculus and Morpheus Game Unveiled: The Assembly

Just announced at E3, The Assembly, one of the many un-announced mystery titles of the show, a game being built for both the Oculus Rift & Sony’s Project Morpheus.  The game is set to launch alongside whenever either of those virtual reality headsets do.

It is a puzzle-adventure, centering around a group of scientists that created an underground bunker to perform morally questionable experiments and you play as one of two characters during the game.  Madeline is a female scientist who is going through the initiation process to join the organization, and Joel is a scientist who has been a part of The Assembly for some time and is starting to question their morally ambiguous methods.

There is no combat in the traditional sense, and no true horror in that of the paranormal or monstrous, but the game boasts setting a feeling of psychological horror in as you learn about what’s happening in the labs.

More on this as we learn about it.