E3 2016: Tifanfall 2 Deluxe and Collector’s Editions Revealed

Titanfall 2 will be released this October, and today, Amazon revealed every version of the game that will be released. The standard edition of the game will be $59.99 and come with the base game, while the deluxe edition is $20 more and comes with an exclusive call sign and a different cover. Normally, the deluxe editions come with additional DLC, but at least right now, nothing more has been announced for it.

For those looking to spend a good chunk of change, you can get the Vanguard Collector’s Edition. This comes with a dog tag-shaped flash drive with 8GB of storage, which seems ludicrously low given how much you’re spending on this thing. You also get a field journal, a replica helmet, a laser wight for it, a scarf, and some patches. It sure is a random assortment of stuff, but at least they give you a lot of physical things for your money.