E3 2018: Dontnod Aims to Bring Childhood Imaginations Alive With the Adventures of Captain Spirit

Dontnod changed gaming narratives when they created Life is Strange. It kicked off 2015 with an episodic structure that mirrored a narrative-driven TV show and offered up one of the most layered stories in gaming – despite the notable handicap of being a game with branching storylines. No matter what path you took, you were going to get something that stuck with you in at least a few memorable ways. Between both the original game and the Before the Storm prequel, it allowed people to relate to characters in a game in new ways. Now, the creative team behind the franchise is back with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This new tale is set in the same universe as LiS and will expand the world in that series beyond Arcadia Bay. Chris has a tough childhood, and he escapes the world he’s in with the guise of Captain Spirit.  Captain Spirit will be released free of charge on June 26 on PC via Steam, the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.