E3 2019: Get Ready to Enter Stoneshard’s Medieval Kingdom Later This Year

Publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Ink Stains Games today announced during the Kinda Funny Showcase at E3 a release date for the upcoming Stoneshard.

PC players will be able to pick up the roguelike turn-based RPG on Steam when it arrives on November 7.

Taking place in the medieval kingdom of Aldor, players take control of a caravan-owning mercenary as they set off on their journey to create their own legend.

Players will build their mercenary into a hero using the different combinations of classes, skills, archetypes and character races available at their disposal.

New allies can be recruited while exploring Aldor, with players needing to show their leadership skills by looking after them and ensuring their morale remains high.

The Russian developer says that Stoneshard’s world is procedurally generated, which offers players a reason to do more than one playthrough of the title.