E3 2019: Let the Freedom Finger Stand Straight and Tall With New E3 Trailer

Highschool notebook art is supposed to be garbage.  It’s where all the bad and silly ideas go, with no restraints or breaks on the output because there’s simply no point.  It’s not supposed to be good, clever, or professional, but rather a way to prevent mental rigor mortis as class slowly tries to destroy every functioning thought during what’s supposed to be a fifty minute period but feels like 425 hours of relentless tedium.  Freedom Finger is what would happen if notebook art was a horizontal shooter, combining juvenile awesomeness (this is a good thing) with surprisingly clever shooting mechanics.

The main ship of Freedom Finger is a flying fist flipping the bird.  The extended middle finger is where the standard firepower comes from, and while it’s got decent attack power there are other, better options available.  You can retract the finger to punch enemy ships or, better yet, reach out and grab them to act as a new gun for as long as they last. Alternately you can toss them back where they came from for a single powerful hit.  While the new trailer is for E3, I got to play this back at PAX East and it’s been on my list of games to follow up on ever since.  Check out the new launch trailer below to see all the madness and bad juvenile attitude a horizontal shooter can handle.