E3 2019: Musical Gun-Fu With Pistol Whip Reveal Trailer

Virtua Cop was nice but just think how much better it would be set to a killer beat.  Pistol Whip was announced today as a new VR shooting gallery, with the developers not even a little shy about its influences being Beat Saber and SuperHot plus a little John Wick sprinkled on top for style.  Each level is a song set in an auto-scrolling environment, dragging the player forward ready or not, with enemies popping up fast enough that there’s no time for careful aiming.  A hit is a kill, and the beat of the song drives the rhythm of the action, so move fast and dodge like you mean it.  The polyglitch enemies aren’t shy about firing back and the level scrolls by at a set pace, so you’ll need to keep moving, shooting, and occasionally smacking targets with the gun to keep up.  One of the goals of the level design isn’t so much to force the rhythm gameplay onto the player but instead present it as a thing to do, with the advantage that syncing action to the rhythm makes the world a more colorful place to shoot up.

Pistol Whip is “Coming soon to major VR platforms”, which could mean just about anything.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action, complete with a good chunk of developer commentary on what Cloudhead Games is aiming to create.