E3 2019: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character Details to Come During E3

After some intense rounds of action, Team Japan emerged victorious in the finals of the Super Smash Bros. Championship. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Nintendo revealed news on the game’s next DLC fighter will be announced soon.

Masahiro Sakurai was on screen to congratulate the winners. But he left off with saying he is continuing work on the next DLC character and that details will be shared during Nintendo’s E3 Direct. But there is only one clue that we received and it was from Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser who stated, “I think many of you going to want to tune in next week to see what or who we’re talking about.” So, with a couple of days to go all the speculations are going to run rampant and it’s thrilling!

Additionally, the reveal of the Super Smash Bros. Online Open starting this month. Winners will receive travel, accommodations and registration to EVO 2019 in Las Vegas to play the game. Details can be found on the official website.

Stay tuned for more news on E3, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo!