E3 2021 Square Enix Presents to Feature New Eidos Montreal Game, Babylon’s Fall, More

Square Enix today dropped the details for their special E3 2021 edition of Square Enix Presents.

E3 2021 is nearly upon us, and Square Enix has revealed when it’ll have its show. Earlier today, the ESA confirmed that Square Enix would host its presentation on June 13. Now, the publisher has confirmed when it’ll take place on that day. The special E3 2021 Square Enix Presents goes live on June 13 at 12:15pm PT.

In addition to the time reveal, the publishers also confirmed what we’ll see. Eidos Montreal’s new game, which is rumored to be Guardians of the Galaxy, will be officially revealed. There will also be a new update on Babylon’s Fall, Marvel’s Avengers’ War for Wakanda content drop, Life is Strange: True Colors, and more.


Notably absent are Square Enix’s upcoming PS5 timed exclusive titles, Final Fantasy XVI, Forspoken, and a rumored Final Fantasy action-RPG spin-off. It’s entirely possible that Square Enix is keeping them as a surprise for the presentation. There’s also the possibility that some of them may be held back for a rumored PlayStation event this summer. Whatever the case, we won’t have to wait long to see what Square Enix has up their sleeves.

Be sure to check back June 13 to see what Square Enix announces.