EA Announces an Overhaul of Changes to FUT for FIFA 22

The countdown to the release of FIFA 22 on October 10 continues, as today, EA has revealed how it is updating the Ultimate Team portion of the game. Content for FUT will be inspired by real world performance, whether those performance be either good or bad. This will include a celebration of the game’s best players with FUT Heroes. Division Rivals will be receiving a redesign as the mode will now be a seasonal mode with a brand new progression system.

Earning wins and will progress the player through a checkpoint system in Division Rivals so they see the goals that are needed to achieve rewards. Players will earn rewards each week and also every season. The top players in the world will also have a separate progression system as they will be a part of the Elite Division. Division 1 is the top division in the mode, but the Elite Division goes above that for the specific few. There are no more ranks or stages, and you cannot be demoted out of any divisions. Matchmaking and progression will be based on a skill rating system.

FUT Champions has evolved to a multi-stage competition that works around your schedule. The mode offers less restrictive time and requirements as the mode allows players to play at any time. FUT Champions Playoffs are an always-on competition that can be played at any time. Qualification points are earned by playing matches and there are a limited number of entrants to the Playoffs each season. These will reset at the start of each season. 50 wins are needed to reach the FUT Champions Finals.

Stadium customization was previously announced as part of the Career Mode in FIFA 22. This also carries over to FUT. With every new season in FUT, new content will be available to customize your stadium. FUT players can also expect new online friendlies matches and the ability to play with custom squads that are made just for cooperative play. There looks to be a slew of new options to dive into for FUT players while also making it more accessible to be competitive. You can read the Pitch Notes for FUT and more here.