EA Drops Puck Today for NHL 19 Open Beta on PS4

The EA Sports NHL Team is announcing a bit of a surprise as the open beta for NHL 19 will be available today. This will last through August 2 and will introduce players to the World of CHEL. This expands on the EA Sports Hockey League and brings a unified progression system with tons of character customizations that can be unlocked through various modes. This will give players a chance to create their player and have them ready for the release. Players will be able to choose from twelve skater classes or three goalie classes that will help determine your ratings, abilities and play styles. This can range from a Sniper class to an Enforcing Defenseman. Adding traits to the player will impact attribute ratings and specialties that help provide team boosts.

Players can improve their player in different modes such as NHL Ones, Threes Drop-in and Pro-Am. NHL Ones is a free for all pick-up game where the idea is to score the most goals in a time limit. The Pro-Am allows players to pick a position and play a game of three-on-three as you work through a gauntlet of scenarios. Lastly, Threes Drop-In offers the over-the-top arcade 3v3 hockey that was introduced last year. Look for our hands-on preview of NHL 19 coming soon and look for the beta on the PlayStation Store later today.