EA Establishes New Studio to Work on Announced Skate Game

Back in June, EA seemingly did the unthinkable and announced that a new Skate game was early in development. A follow-up to 2010’s Skate 3, had long been a running gag and meme by the online community and even by EA’s own admission, it was something that was willed into being. But aside from Cuz Parry and Deran Chung — Game Director and Creative Director of the project — returning, little was known about how the project was being handled and if any studio specifically was handling such a task. We got a bit more of a clearer answer today via EA officially announcing that they had established a new studio for this very purpose. “Yes, we’re still working on the next Skate.” The company jokingly states. “And we officially formed a studio to prove it!”

Full Circle is a Vancouver-based team who will be responsible for creating the new, as-yet-untitled, Skate game. “We’re working on the next evolution of Skate,” the site’s front page proclaims. “And set to deliver an experience that will embrace and build upon everything our community found special about the previous games.” Being a brand new studio, Full Circle remain on the look-out for new members to fill in the roles and judging by the lengthy list of applications, there’s still a ways to go.

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