EA Play Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Holiday 2020

EA Play is the rebranded EA Access and enables you to play a lot of EA’s back catalog on both PC and consoles. The service started on the Xbox and was an early example of just how great a value subscription services can be on consoles, and now, EA Play is going to be a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On the Xbox side of the ledger, you get a lot of 360 and Xbox One games to enjoy – including FIFA, UFC, Madden NFL, Need For Speed, Burnout, Battlefield, and Titanfall games. As time goes on, more games are added with the newest one being Rocket Arena and with Star Wars Jedi: FallenĀ  Order being shown, it looks like that will be added soon.

EA Play is pretty value-rich anyway, only costing $5 a month but adding it in with Game Pass Ultimate makes that service the single greatest value one could ask for. For $15 a month, you get a lot of value for the dollar already and now it’s even better. With the Xbox One Series S and Series X set to launch this November, you can outlay a mere $300 for a Series S and spend $15 for Game Pass Ultimate and get thousands of hours of games to play between Microsoft’s first-party offerings, EA’s AAA offerings, and everything else in the Game Pass library.