EA Reveals Launch Date for EA Access on PlayStation 4

EA today confirmed when EA Access will finally launch on PlayStation 4.

Back in May, EA revealed that their subscription service would finally launch on PS4 in July. Today, we now know when in July players can finally get their hands on the service.

EA Access launches July 24. The service costs $4.99 a month and gets players access to a bunch of EA-based goodies. These include pre-release 10 hour trials for all new EA games and discounts. However, the most appealing part of the package is the Vault, which includes games like Battlefield V, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars Battlefront II, and A Way Out among others. Unfortunately, due to the lack of backwards compatibility with PS3 games, PS4 owners won’t be able to access previous-gen titles that Xbox One subscribers can.

EA Access first launched in 2014 on Xbox One. At the time, Sony rejected the service on its platform, but it looks as if attitudes have changed. A similar service, titled Origin Access, is available on PC.