EA Sports UFC Legends Pack Now Available

Last week, the entire legends roster was revealed for EA Sports UFC. Now, the update has officially gone live. The 1 GB download gets you Matt Hughes, Mark Coleman, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Brock Lesnar. While the additions of Coleman and Hughes aren’t too shocking, Rampage and Lesnar being included was a surprise since each man is with another company now. Rampage is in Bellator MMA, while Brock has been in WWE after retiring from MMA in 2011 following back-to-back losses. As expected, their fighting gear is a little generic, but those looking to play as Brock again in an MMA game can finally do so. He’s got a vile German suplex, and while his ranged punches from the Yuke’s-crafted UFC games didn’t return here, he can still destroy folks with sick elbows and uppercuts.