EA UFC 4 Gameplay Trailer Released

Last week, EA UFC 4 was officially announced and its new content was showcased. The fourth entry in EA’s long-running UFC franchise is set for release soon, and we got an extended look at gameplay today. The redone clinch game looks more violent, with takedowns having a level of weight to them that has been missing before. Shots like overhand strikes stand out more than before thanks to improved facial deformation. New on-screen color changes help show the player when it’s time to turn up the heat or when you need to cover up and avoid a flash knockout.

RPM tech has been used to redo all of the standing clinches to add more freedom to your in-cage actions. You will be able to not only move positions within a clinch, but slam them, trip them, or land a variety of strikes. In a credit to the company being receptive to criticism, they brought up UFC 3’s takedowns being pretty limited – and have revamped the whole system to put a greater emphasis on momentum to either land or evade a takedown.

The ground game has been clunky before, and has been made easier with simple left stick movements available. Submissions have also been changed up yet again, with different systems for joint locks and chokes. You can also strike during submissions or escape using large slams. Standing submission attempts are now possible from the clinch, and you can counter a takedown with a submission attempt if you’re skilled enough to pull them off. EA UFC 4 launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 14, and pre-orders will receive Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua along with backyard and kumite customization packs. EA Access users will be able to enjoy an early access trial starting on August 7.


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