Early Access Release Date Revealed For Superfuse

Since its announcement earlier this year, Raw Fury have wasted no time in promoting developer Stitch Heads’ new superhero action-RPG game Superfuse. Described as the biggest game they’ve published yet, its prominence at various media events since then suggests that Raw Fury has a deep level of trust in the game. Of course, the fact that it’s quite fun helps as well. But having only seen the game via various demos so far, one has to wonder when we can get an even greater look at things. Well, now we know the answer: January of next year, when Superfuse enters Early Access.

The news came via the new trailer below, which showcases two of the game’s initial playable enforcers – the Berserker and the Elementalist – as well as the highly customizable superpowers with various modifiers and skill trees, as well as an absolute ton of bloody action as you hack away at several swarms of various monsters in procedurally generated levels. Superfuse arrives in Early Access on January 31, with a limited multiplayer beta starting December 14. For more info on that, check out the game’s Discord channel if you can’t wait.